Editor's Note :

Editor's Note :

On Monday at 9:30 a.m. we expect the Court to issue orders from the October 31 Conference; we do not expect the Justices to issue any decisions on the merits.
Our list of "Petitions to watch for that Conference is here.


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Welcome to SCOTUSblog's Health Care page, where you can find our coverage (principally by our reporter Lyle Denniston) of, and other resources related to, the legal challenges to President Obama's Affordable Care Act.


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03.20.14 Lyle Denniston Argument preview: Religion, rights, and the workplace
01.28.14 Lyle Denniston Bold challenge to a law on religion
01.06.14 Lyle Denniston Plea to block health care law denied
01.04.14 Lyle Denniston Analysis: The Little Sisters case and EBSA Form 700
12.31.13 Lyle Denniston New challenges to birth-control mandate (UPDATED)
11.04.13 Lyle Denniston Birth-control mandate: Which case to review?
09.19.13 Lyle Denniston U.S., business appeal on birth-control mandate (UPDATED)
09.10.13 Lyle Denniston Health law challenge is back
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