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Breaking news from the court, including orders, stays and calendar releases; nomination and confirmation news; “A ‘view’ from the courtroom” and related features; and coverage of the justices’ public appearances. (Argument and opinion analyses, along with links to transcripts and audios from oral arguments, can be found in the “Merits Cases” category.)

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02.16.18 Justice Thomas pleads for less “myth-making” of the court and justices
02.07.18 Partial stay for Republican legislators in North Carolina redistricting case
02.05.18 Alito denies stay in Pennsylvania redistricting case
02.02.18 SCOTUS Map: January 2018
01.27.18 Pennsylvania legislators go to justices on redistricting
01.24.18 North Carolina redistricting wars return
01.24.18 Justices release March calendar
01.22.18 Justices add frog case to merits docket
01.22.18 A “view” from the courtroom: Open for business, with a hiccup
01.21.18 Supreme Court expected to stay open during government shutdown
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