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Breaking news from the court, including orders, stays and calendar releases; nomination and confirmation news; “A ‘view’ from the courtroom” and related features; and coverage of the justices’ public appearances. (Argument and opinion analyses, along with links to transcripts and audios from oral arguments, can be found in the “Merits Cases” category.)

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09.19.17 Francisco confirmed as solicitor general
09.12.17 Justices stay lower-court rulings striking down Texas redistricting maps, ordering new ones
08.31.17 Supreme Court releases November argument calendar
08.31.17 Alito grants stay in Texas House redistricting case
08.25.17 Texas asks Supreme Court to intervene in redistricting battle
07.30.17 Supreme Court unveils new website (UPDATED)
07.10.17 SCOTUS Map: May and June 2017 (and OT2016 Review)
06.26.17 A “view” from the courtroom: A day for drama on the bench
06.23.17 A “view” from the courtroom: The metes and bounds of the term
06.22.17 “Full of Sound and Covfefe”: The Trial of the Weird Sisters
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