Sitting Docket Title(link to Wiki page) Issue Argument(link to transcript) Decision(link to opinion)
15-584American Freedom Defense Initiative v. King County(1) Whether King County created a public forum by accepting for display on its property a wide array of controversial political and public-issue ads, including ads that address the same subject matter as petitioners’ anti-terrorism ad, and thus violated the First Amendment by rejecting Petitioners’ ad based on its message; (2) regardless of the nature of the forum, whether King County’s rejection of petitioners’ advertisement based on a claim that this public-issue ad was false or misleading violates the First Amendment; and (3) whether petitioners must demonstrate that there are no alternative ways to express their public-issue message in order for the court to find irreparable harm based on King County’s rejection of their ad. (Opinion by )
15-195Doe v. Christie(1) Whether the communication, discussion, and information provided by licensed mental health counselors or doctors during counseling or other professional services with their clients or patients constitutes speech protected by the First Amendment; (2) whether a law permitting licensed mental health professionals and doctors to provide counseling concerning the subject of same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity but only if such counseling does not include the content and viewpoint that a minor may reduce or eliminate his unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity is a content-based restriction of speech subject to strict scrutiny under the firm rule handed down by this Court last term in Reed v. Town of Gilbert; and (3) whether a law that prohibits parents and minors from seeking and receiving licensed professional counseling consistent with their sincerely held religious convictions violates the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of the children. (Opinion by )
15-6075Fletcher v. FloridaWhether the affirmance by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida of defendant’s conviction for first-degree murder and sentence of death was clearly erroneous and violative of the Constitution of the United States. (Opinion by )
15-6430Smith v. FloridaWhether Florida’s death penalty statute, which requires a judge rather than a jury to make findings of fact before the death penalty may be imposed, violated petitioner’s Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights as set forth in Ring v. Arizona and Apprendi v. New Jersey. (Opinion by )
15-6092Mathis v. United StatesWhether a predicate prior conviction under the Armed Career Criminal Act must qualify as such under the elements of the offense simpliciter, without extending the modified categorical approach to separate statutory definitional provisions that merely establish the means by which referenced elements may be satisfied rather than stating alternative elements or versions of the offense. (Opinion by )
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