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Date Post Title
03.01.13 Opinion analysis: Plaintiffs need not establish materiality to obtain certification of securities class actions
11.08.12 Argument recap: Court poised to decide whether materiality is required for class certification
11.01.12 Argument preview: Materiality required for class certification in fraud-on-the-market cases?
03.28.12 Opinion analysis: Occupying the “reasonable middle ground” on tolling of insider trading claims
11.30.11 Argument recap: A middle ground on tolling of insider trading claims?
11.22.11 Argument preview: Tolling the statute of limitations for insider trading claims
06.17.11 Opinion analysis: Who “makes” statements under the federal securities laws?
12.09.10 Argument recap: Justices grapple with the distinction between primary and secondary liability and what it means to “make” a statement under the federal securities laws
12.05.10 Argument preview: May a party face primary liability under the federal securities laws for alleged misstatements attributed to another party?
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