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Rory Little is a Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, a former clerk to Justices Stewart (ret.) and Brennan, and author of the American Bar Association’s “Annual Review of the Supreme Court’s Term, Criminal Cases.” He is also “Of Counsel” to the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery on discrete appellate matters.

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04.23.15 Argument analysis: Is the government pushing a bridge too far regarding federal drug prosecutions?
04.22.15 Re-Argument analysis: The votes are not there to sustain the residual clause
04.21.15 Opinion analysis: Traffic stops can’t last too long or go too far, and no extra dog sniffs!
04.17.15 Argument preview: The tricky mens rea requirements for federal narcotics cases
04.17.15 (Re-)Argument preview: Is possession of a sawed-off shotgun a “violent felony”? The government is not going down without a fight
03.04.15 Argument analysis: How does requiring a warrant interfere with surprise police searches of hotel guest registers?
03.02.15 Argument preview: Hotel guest registers and the Fourth Amendment – harder than it looks?
01.22.15 Argument analysis: What exactly is a “routine” traffic stop, and should a suspicionless dog sniff be part of it?
01.21.15 Argument preview: Dog sniffs and traffic stops – once more to the Fourth Amendment well
01.16.15 Opinion analysis: Even habeas appellees may argue any ground fairly presented by the record so long as it does not enlarge the appellee’s rights
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