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Orin S. Kerr is a Professor at George Washington University Law School, where he teaches criminal law and procedure. His scholarly work focuses on the Fourth Amendment and computer-related crimes. Professor Kerr was a law clerk for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy for the October Term 2003.

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11.29.11 Thoughts on Messerschmidt v. Millender
10.27.11 Does installing a GPS device on a car constitute a Fourth Amendment search or seizure?
10.21.11 Does using a GPS device to track a suspect constitute a Fourth Amendment search?
10.12.11 Thoughts on the strip-search case
10.05.11 Commentary on the defense brief in United States v. Jones
08.12.11 Commentary on DOJ’s Brief in United States v. Jones
08.11.11 Affordable Care Act predictions
07.08.11 Review of the Court’s Fourth Amendment cases
05.17.11 Choosing the rule for police-created exigencies in Kentucky v. King
02.21.11 The strange case of Ashcroft v. Al-Kidd
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