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Mark Walsh has covered the Supreme Court for more than twenty years, including for Education Week and as a contributor to the ABA Journal, the magazine of the American Bar Association.

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05.16.16 A “view” from the Courtroom: Something we can live with
04.27.16 A “view” from the Courtroom: Official actions and reactions
04.19.16 A “view” from the Court: Making accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing
04.18.16 A “view” from the Court: Status pending
03.23.16 A “view” from the Courtroom: Sister Act
03.16.16 A “view” from the Rose Garden: Sunny side up for Garland nomination
03.02.16 A “view” from the Courtroom: Extra time to weigh a divisive issue
03.01.16 Justice Scalia is celebrated for his intellect, wit, and faith
02.22.16 A “view” from the Courtroom: The Justices return to a black and gray bench
02.20.16 “A simple parish funeral Mass”
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