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Howard M. Wasserman is Professor of Law at FIU Law.

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04.26.16 Opinion analysis: Improper motive can violate the First Amendment, even with a factual mistake
01.20.16 Argument analysis: The First Amendment, political inactivity, and improper government motive
01.12.16 Argument preview: The First Amendment, public employment, and misperceived political association
12.08.15 Opinion analysis: Removing discretion in convening three-judge district courts
11.05.15 Argument analysis: “Wow . . . That’s my comment” – a passive Court and a predictable outcome on three-judge courts
10.19.15 Argument preview: Is a three-judge court “not required” when a pleading fails to state a claim?
04.23.15 Opinion analysis: Clear statements, sovereign immunity, and timeliness
01.21.15 Opinion analysis: Finality, appealability, and single-claim actions
12.12.14 Argument analysis: A living Federal Tort Claims Act?
12.11.14 Argument analysis: Finality and a tale of two rules
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