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Lyle Denniston has been covering the Supreme Court for fifty-six years. In that time, he has covered one-quarter of all of the Justices ever to sit, and he has reported on the entire careers on the bench of ten of the Justices. He has been a journalist of the law for sixty-six years, beginning that career at the Otoe County Courthouse in Nebraska City, Nebraska, in the fall of 1948. He is not an attorney.

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08.21.14 Florida ban on same-sex marriage nullified
08.21.14 Test of gap in veterans’ benefits for same-sex marriages
08.20.14 The much-discussed Ryan v. Hurles returns, expanded
08.18.14 Rapid action on same-sex marriage urged (FURTHER UPDATED)
08.18.14 A plea to leave fate of health care subsidies to the Court (UPDATED)
08.16.14 Delay sought on Virginia same-sex marriages (UPDATED)
08.14.14 Wide-ranging new challenge to war crimes courts
08.14.14 Crime on the Internet: A difficult new question
08.14.14 Rearranging the Clerk’s office
08.12.14 The marriage ruling “streak” and what it means, made simple
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