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Lyle Denniston has been covering the Supreme Court for fifty-five years. In that time, he has covered one-quarter of all of the Justices ever to sit, and he has reported on the entire careers on the bench of ten of the Justices. He has been a journalist of the law for sixty-five years, beginning that career at the Otoe County Courthouse in Nebraska City, Nebraska, in the fall of 1948. He is not an attorney.

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04.16.14 Argument preview: A global search for money
04.15.14 Filibuster challenge fails in court
04.14.14 Generic firms seek big bond if kept off market
04.14.14 Broader same-sex marriage ruling in Ohio
04.10.14 Utah and same-sex marriage: Issues on appeal
04.09.14 University challenges athlete unionization
04.08.14 U.S. defends cross, but urges delay
04.08.14 Teva seeks to head off generic rivals (UPDATED)
04.07.14 Court denies case on refusal of gay customers
04.06.14 Drone killing policy withstands challenge
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