Today, the Stanford Supreme Court Litigation Clinic filed this opening merits brief in the case of Herring v. US, 07-513, to be argued during OT08.   Jeff Fisher is counsel of record, and with him on the brief are his fellow instructors in the Stanford Clinic: Professor Pam Karlan; Kevin Russell and Amy Howe of the firm Howe & Russell; and Tom Goldstein of Akin Gump; and Ronald Wise of Montgomery, Alabama.  Substantial contributions were made by Stanford students Micah Block, Rachel Lee, and Anna Neill.

We discussed this case in detail in an earlier “Conference Call” column, which can be found here.  The Question Presented is: “Whether the Fourth Amendment requires the suppression of evidence seized incident to a warrantless arrest for which there was no probable cause, conducted in sole reliance on an inaccurate report from other law enforcement personnel regarding the existence of an outstanding warrant.”

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