Yesterday two trade groups representing the video games industry filed a motion seeking over one million dollars in legal fees and expenses for the Supreme Court proceedings in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. Lyle Denniston of this blog reported on the motion yesterday; Robert Barnes of the Washington Post also has coverage of the motion, as does Ars Technica, which notes that three other states "“ Louisiana, Michigan, and Illinois "“ have all reimbursed the Entertainment Software Association for legal fees after their own failed attempts to regulate video games.


  • Adam Liptak of the New York Times previews one of next Term's cases, M.B.Z. v. Clinton, in which the Justices will consider whether courts can enforce a federal statute governing how the Secretary of State records the birthplace of U.S. citizens.
  • At CNN, Bill Mears reports on Justice Ginsburg's "warmly humorous speech" last week in Cooperstown, New York (which James also covered in yesterday's round-up).
  • Dr. Greg Rabidoux, in a guest post for ACSblog, examines the Roberts Court's approach to the Voting Rights Act.

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