The D.C. Circuit Court on Friday refused to block the government from transferring a second Algerian national from Guantanamo Bay to his home county, where he fears torture or death, and said it was acting swiftly to allow the prisoner’s lawyers to take the issue on to the Supreme Court.   The Circuit Court acted in the case of Abdul Aziz Naji (Circuit docket 10-5191).

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is already pondering the case of another Algerian, Farhi Saeed Bin Mohammed (application 10A52).   There are six Algerians at Guantanamo, all resisting a return to that country out of fear of abuse or death, either because of actions by the Algerian government or by a terrorist group there.  The U.S. government has insisted that it has assurances that they are not likely to be abused.

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